The Sunny Spot

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict

Small, yellow, cute and friendly, Bru’s Wiffle goes straight onto my list of “Great Lazy Weekend Brunch Destinations”. I feel sunny inside and out every time I visit.

CONCEPT: light-hearted, not overly-dressed to impress with a focus on the popular breakfast carb: WAFFLES!

Window view

Doorway Decor

For the dogs

Furry Friends are welcome :)

Interiors and merchandise

SPACE: Country Home Cozy. It’s quaint and resonates with a homey dining room. Lots of small tables (for 2 and 4), but flexible enough to piece together for larger parties. The staff is so pleasant, too!

They have burgers, too.

Table for two

I love the innovative use of waffles as the alternative to typical carbs in classic dishes like the base of pizzas, the buns in sliders and burgers, Eggs Benedicts’ English muffins and the side of toast that normally comes with an egg and sausage breakfast plate.

Eggs Florentine

During my first visit, I was starving and anticipating a table for about an hour. The Vegetarian Eggs Benedict is so worth the wait. Flawless poached eggs resting over sauteed mushrooms, spinach and tomato on small waffles and doused with Hollandaise sauce. Citrus notes in the HollandaiseĀ  is delightful, refreshing and a delicious way of dressing up a classic. Every part of the Benedict goes fabulously with Bru’s side of home fries…and somehow, ketchup has never tasted so good as a condiment.

Waffle: second best attribute. The undertone of sweet cinnamon works incredibly harmoniously with the citrus and savory flavors.


Chicken & Waffle

Bru’s Fried Chicken & Waffle definitely reigns high on the menu. Not so much like your Rosco’s because the waffle is thick, fluffy Belgian style and the chicken: less greasy than you’d expect, yet it still keeps that hearty, crispy coating. My cousin’s favorite part was the variety of dips: ranch, syrup, gravy and hot sauce! What a clever way of maintaining interest in a dish.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

The term / sound: “Mmmmm” has never been so overused. That was pretty much all that was audible as I sat attempting to pace and savor (aka devour) my Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

Benedict cross-section

Be sure to get each component in every bite to maximize satisfaction: salty, soft, delicate, creamy, mealy, subtle, fresh and warm.

A focused menu with offerings beyond breakfast boundaries, the Eggs Benedict is a great representation of this waffle joint’s talented kitchen. You become familiar with the waffle taste and, generally, how eggs, veggies and savory items marry with the flavors of the reigning carbohydrate. Go Bru’s!

If there’s a wait (which is almost guaranteed on weekends), you’ll have time to be indecisive, but get a head start on salivation:

all waffles

burgers and other items

Here’s what other people say about Bru’s!


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