I Like it with Syrup

Intelligentsia at Syrup

Syrup Desserts has a magical method in succumbing young crowds to a delicious destination, especially late at night. Night owl or not though, you’ll be destined to find your dinner replacement or the ideal midnight snack!

While the space does have a coffee shop / stay-awhile-and-be-productive option, I’m not sure if I could ever really study here. For me, bringing a laptop along would simply be for the joy ride of the machine—this place craves undivided attention for sweet waffles and crepes!



SPACE: An artistic and trendy interior is adaptive to the art scene of DTLA. It’s got one-and-a-half stories of industrial elements like metal, concrete and tile. Spotlights sufficiently light the space while giving off a relaxed, cool, calm and mysterious ambiance, and wall furnishings really add to the character.


Stare at cool art on the walls, kick back on leather loveseats while playing Jenga, daydream and work away with your ear plugs in, or simply just enjoy delicious conversations.



FOOD: Syrup serves it up Gourmet: waffles—the famous Belgian, nostalgic Home-style Buttermilk or thick and chewy Leige—topped with ice cream, compote and fruity sauce, extraordinary grilled cheese creations like raspberries, brie cheese, agave, toasted almonds, on a flaky croissant, refreshing iced teas like agave matcha or jasmine with crushed fresh strawberries, hot chocolates, classic espresso bevs, and sundaes. Syrup Favorites are best bets for the indecisive, which happen to be classics: nutella, strawberry, vanilla bean ice cream Belgian combo.


I, personally, love the Mixed Berry on Belgian Waffle and Triple Berry Crepe. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries in their own syrup are sweet, tart and flavor-quenching, syndicating so well with the dense waffle dough and melting, berry ice cream. Everything comes together so perfectly with every forkful.

Classics are reliable and awesome, but I’m also more of an adventurous and must-try-all type of eater, so I think my next order at Syrup will be: French Obsession–apples, french vanilla bean ice cream, brie cheese, dark buckwheat honey, toasted walnuts in a crepe and Asian Pear Gouda grilled cheese–ripe asian pears, fresh gouda cheese, on walnut raisin bread.

Triple Berry Leige

Triple Berry Leige


3 thoughts on “I Like it with Syrup

    • The waffle / crepe with ice cream is a great shared indulgence that’ll have your fork going back and forth from plate to mouth at a rapid rate. Enjoy it!

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