Tomo means “Friend” in Japanese

Coffee Tomo Logo

Situated in a tight-knit neighborhood of Sawtelle where little ramen shops, sushi, shaved ice, and other Asian eateries reign the adjacent streets, Coffee Tomo is a small and amiable spot fit for study sessions, coffee breaks or that after-dinner destination when you just aren’t ready to go home yet.

Order up an artistically-crafted latte, experience Tomo’s great hospitality, and stay awhile, so as long as you can find a seat around your friendly neighbors. Make friends; this space is for sharing!


Wall decor

The interior is reminiscent of Coffee and Tea Conservatory in Downtown Culver City, but cozier. When I’m here, I feel like I’m parked at my own dining room table being more productive than normal.

Coffee bean gradient

Coffee gadgets, cups, mugs and jars of espresso beans organized in gradients dress up the furniture, giving off an authentic and earthy ambiance.

Coffee beans

I found myself sipping away the stressful day with a Green Tea Latte so smooth, creamy, frothy, fluffy, velvety and warm. It’s got just enough sweetness, fit for a dessert alternative.

Green tea latte

If you’re the classic latte type of sipper, Tomo Latte is espresso kissed with sweetness and the same milky, frothy, velvety complexion! I love both these drinks equally.

For a bite to eat, go for the one of a kind stuffed pretzels in sweet and savory varieties.

Red bean & cheese pretzel

My tastebuds root for their Sweet Potato Cheese Pretzel filled with yellow sweet potato and white cheese, warmed up to a soft, chewy and lightly-toasty state. Slightly unconventional, but, the sweet and cheesy actually go quite well together!

Butter brick toast

They also have Brick Butter Toast: super thick brioche, toasted on all sides, sliced 3×3, and drizzled with light honey. Chances are, it tastes just like how you’re imagining it right now.

Toast and tea

Here’s to tea and toast for two!


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