My Heart goes out to Eggs Benedict

I grew up on take-out…and now, I just eat out a lot! A lifetime of being served ready-to-eat (or easy to heat) meals in commercial packaging, my appreciation for The Prepared Meal has been refined and elevated in creative and tasty ways.

Eventually, I’ll share with you my walk in becoming a Foodie—everything’s so interesting in hindsight—but for now, I’ll just say: the occasional hearty, healthy, most likely Smoked Salmon or Spinach and Mushroom Eggs Benedict weekend brunch won’t ever make me nostalgic for my over-microwaved pancakes and soggy Eggo waffles in the rush of early, weekday mornings.

Eat in (if you can master the Hollandaise) or eat out, but just make sure to eat up! #Onethingweallhate is a day that’s not starting off on the right plate–BREAKFAST!

Grilled focaccia, generous amounts of boiled spinach and mango citrus-inspired Hollandaise creates a healthier adaptation. Creativity exceeds classic at Larchmont Bungalow. Vegetarians, I think you’ll find something interesting in this piece!

BLD’s Benedict is memorable for the following reasons: buttermilk biscuits in place of English muffins and mix and match flavors provided by the fingerling and sweet potatoes. It tastes just like how it looks—divine!

With the addition of capers, tomato and sliced red onion in this dish, I think it’s safe to say that St. Michael’s puts a classy and classic balance to this concoction. Pinches of essence on top makes these Benedicts celebrity-worthy. Dry-roasted potatoes and handmade, extra flaky buttermilk biscuits on the side? Approved!

My favorite part about Eggs Benedict is getting a little bit of everything in every bite. Bru’s does such a wholesome job at layering flavors, starting with the waffle. I love the innovation of using waffles in place of English muffins—a Bru’s expectation of course. The waffle’s notes of cinnamon and subtle sweetness come through the sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach, runny yolk and fluffy Hollandaise spiked with hints of citrus.

Cafe Verona dresses their Benedicts with extra sauce, which invites the lightly-fried potatoes to be eaten together with the rest of the dish—this evens out the saltines. You could even eat the honeydew with each bite, weird but good!

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict the rustic way, most evident in the crusty, artisan bread. With slightly-cooked and thick smoked salmon, organic eggs, yuzu Hollandaise tops the dish off with a creamier and butterier consistency than the average sauce. Pan-fried herb potatoes and ketchup go flawlessly as an accompaniment.

Urth’s house-special brioche serve as cushions for the medium (or well-done) poached eggs and smoked salmon-wrapped baby arugula. Bonus: the Hollandaise alternative is their lemon crème fraiche, chopped tomato and basil oil—such a refreshing and lighter twist!


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