Plan [to] Check [it out!]

Harbored on Sawtelle’s strip of superb Asian eats (aka Little Osaka), Plan Check s a vintage, architectural, industrial, rustic, fresh and hipster place that makes a branded burger and fries taste as good as its spatial expression. PC has been on my Bookmarks for a lengthy time, so when friends were in town visiting, I suggested to check out a cool spot on a hot day.


4pm on a Saturday is not your typical lunch hour, so we had pretty much the entire interior space to ourselves.

I actually got to meet and hear Terry Heller, owner of Plan Check, talk about his business at a recent Career Synergy event.

Terry purposely built Plan Check to be different than its neighboring businesses. It’s an American comfort food driven restaurant with a full bar service in a hub of many ramen, sushi and Japanese-inspired shops. To be different is a risk worth taking, especially if it proves to be successful like this!

Every ingredient is crafted in-house as much as possible and some things are just so specific like: miso mustard, ketchup leather, pig candy, spicy pickled okra.

Extra crispy fried kale on top of Swiss cheese and steak sauce, on top of portobello mushroom, on top of cheese, on top of mushroom. That’s what constitutes the Stuffed Mushroom—I wish they’d have a burger version, perfect for that vegetarian alternative.

If there’s ever a sweet potato french fry option, it’s my instinct to order it. A+ for these Sweet Potato Waffle Fries! It’s adequately crispy, mealy and toasty and I love that there’s still so much sweet potato left after the frying process. For a little more oomph, maybe some cracked black pepper and sea salt or dried parsley.

*Tip: go for the peach ketchup (top right in the photo). It’s slightly tart, kind of pulpy, and such a fun, innovative condiment.

Another weakness of mine is beet salad because it’s never really your normal tossed salad. At PC, it’s more of a worthwhile side that’s as punchy as its counterparts on the menu. Their Pickled Beet Salad is a trio of personalities: super tart and juicy beets are tamed by fresh peppercress and whipped goat cheese accessorized with pomegranate molasses and olive oil.

*Tip: dip your fresh cut fries and sweet potato fries (yes, I ordered both) into the smooth, tangy cheese along with some of that peach ketchup. Mixing and matching never tasted so good!

PC doesn’t use your average sesame bun, instead, these guys have crumbled bread crumbs on top—makes life more interesting.

Overall, a fun and retro place to hang with the gang.

Kitchen is to Bar, as Food is to Friends!


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    • Don’t worry, I’m no meat hater :) I just think it’s a little overrated sometimes, BUT, if there is a “seriously every foodie must try” type of thing, I’ll have a taste just so I can critique it. Btw, change in domain:

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