If Anyone Asks…You GOT an Alibi!

This post is dedicated to the gal above because on a bittersweet day, she was the sweet accompaniment to a couple of bitters and tacos with more-spicy-than-sweet chili sauce. Thanks, grl!

While tons of dishes out there are “amazing”, “SO good”, and “o.m.g. delicious” to me, I am quite selective when it comes to using the phrase: “this is my favorite…”Alibi Room, however, has won me over.

This is, currently, the place that serves up my favorite Calamari Tacos. Literally, just a handful of ingredients: white corn tortillas, onions, cilantro, sweet chili sauce and grilled calamari (and sesame seeds!), the difference is in the calamari. They’re not fried, which means no over-battered mess and only extra juicy, chewy squid chopped up and lathered in sauce, leaving you with a lasting, SPICY impression. Lose the fork, dive right in—this is where a big mouth and sturdy hands come in!

The bartender will constantly monitor your napkin needs. They’ll even swap used ones for new ones after every few taco bites. Hospitality points!

Old Cuban reminds me of a brighter, better cousin of the Mojito: rum, fresh mint, lime, sugar, bitters and prosecco. My favorite part in this is the bundle of fresh mint, lime and prosecco. Extra refreshing with some hot tacos.

If you’re in a more exotic, fruity and sweet mood, go for the Cuban Mistress (yes, it’s girly): rum, hibiscus, strawberry, rhubarb bitters, lemon and ginger beer.

It was definitely a cocktail + tacos kind of night. The Kogi Three Taco Combo is probably the most fail-proof item on the menu (although nothing on there really is). It’s recognizable to what’s offered at the Kogi Truck: white corn tortilla, onions, salsa roja, cilantro, and your choice of the following proteins: short rib, BBQ chicken, spicy pork or tofu.

Korean spiced fries are the most popular side order and the condiment is superior! Sirarcha, ketchup and sesame mayo…need I say more?

Lastly, chill out at the triangular bar surrounded by cool lighting and drink bottles. It’s a poppin’ atmosphere even on a seemingly random Tuesday evening. Bartenders are always friendly and it just feels like you’re in a different world…a part of Culver City that you just never expected to find.


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