Just Baked

Banana Bread—the flourless kind!

With or without flour, banana (chocolate chip, nut) bread definitely makes it on my list of top 3 things to bake.

In college, my stress-relieving choice of activity was filling the apartment with the sweet, rich aroma of freshly baked banana chocolate chip bread at 2am and sharing this concoction with other fellow zombies—I mean, monkeys—in the building. I don’t even wait for them to cool before taste-testing a slice for banana bread approval.

Since I had no flour in the pantry and had a craving to make something out of my overly ripened bananas, I had a go at a flourless version. It was a delicious result! The cake’s complexion was divine: extremely moist, soft, yet with lots of body. Composed of healthy ingredients and subtly-sweetened by lots of bananas, a little bit of applesauce (or honey) and some mini chocolate chips, this recipe is a keeper.

The best part: it’s literally just combining 8 ingredients in no particular order—but just make sure that the mixture is evenly lathered. Enjoy!

Flourless banana bread


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